Professional Staff

At Sedgwick, our professional staff bring creativity and commitment to make the firm's operations happen.  We offer careers in finance, human resources, information technology, professional development, knowledge management, marketing, business development, and attorney recruiting. As we continue to build, our people in these roles solve interesting challenges every day. 
Our professional staffers work closely with our attorneys to respond quickly to client needs. We're looking for next level thinkers and do-ers to help us stay ahead of the crowd.
We offer resources for continuing professional growth and career development.  We provide ongoing in-house training in both one-on-one and classroom setting, and we have a formal program in which work and career goals are established. We invest in our employees and work with them to achieve individual and firm successes. 
Sedgwick also values diversity across the firm and actively works to foster diversity and inclusion at all levels; professional staff members participate in the firm's Inclusion and Diversity Committee and local subcommittees.
If you would like to join our team, please check our professional staff job openings for positions that correspond to your talents and career objectives.