Sedgwick’s appellate lawyers represent clients at every level of the federal and state appellate court systems. Our seasoned appellate team is led by a member of the select California Academy of Appellate Lawyers and includes five attorneys certified as appellate specialists by the California and Texas Boards of Legal Specialization.

We represent new clients who turn to Sedgwick after suffering adverse outcomes and defend trial court victories secured by the firm’s outstanding litigators. Our appellate team members bring savvy, experience and creativity to the table. All have practiced in the trial courts, allowing them to better understand the pressures and problems besetting the trial lawyer. They apply the sensible, big picture view to appellate practice, including planning and coordinating high-end strategy.

Consulting During Trial

Clients often ask why they should retain an appellate specialist when the trial attorney is already familiar with the case. Appeals can be won or lost long before the notice of appeal is filed. The failure to object, preserve the record or raise an issue can sink a client’s chances of success.

Sedgwick’s appellate strategists help trial counsel identify key issues, preserve objections, and draft key dispositive motions, offers of proof and even trial briefs. We know when and how to assist in making the best possible record to maximize the chances of success should the need for an appeal arise.

Grooming Test Cases

When the issue may affect an entire industry, or set the stage for other cases, our appellate team seeks out cases that are best positioned to test the issue. Often, the goal is a published opinion with precedential value. The test case must have the right kind of facts, with the minimum of procedural distractions. Venue—at trial and on appeal—is evaluated, along with a host of other factors geared to maximizing chances on appeal. That’s where Sedgwick’s big-picture appellate strategists come in.

Briefing and Oral Arguments

Writing is all-important in appellate advocacy. Yet Sedgwick lawyers excel not only in the written word, but in oral argument. Thoughtful, clear, powerful and persuasive briefing and oral presentation is a priceless talent which Sedgwick appellate attorneys have demonstrated in abundance.