Intellectual Property

The copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and unfair competition attorneys of Sedgwick’s intellectual property practice are experienced counselors and seasoned trial lawyers.  We are adept in establishing, maintaining and enforcing our clients’ intellectual property rights, as well as defending our clients against the intellectual property claims of others.  For all kinds of intellectual property, we provide both litigation and transactional services to organizations in a diverse range of industries, including entertainment, media, clothing and fashion, art, consumer products, computers, semiconductors, telecommunications, food and hospitality, fragrance and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and publishing.


From the identification of infringers, to the initiation of private enforcement procedures, to representation in litigation, through trial and beyond, we have built a reputation for zealous advocacy of our clients’ copyrighted assets.  In additional to courtroom advocacy, we handle copyright clearance, registration, licensing, distribution, and assignment for our clients.  We frequently prepare releases and other legal documents that clients use in their day-to-day business operations to ensure the integrity of their copyrights and prevent exposure to copyright infringement claims. Our attorneys have experience reviewing our clients’ business operations to identify and protect copyrightable works early, enabling our clients to enforce their rights more effectively and efficiently.  We also counsel clients on realistic procedures they can employ to avoid infringement claims and minimize potential liability.  We counsel clients on Internet-related legal and regulatory issues, including those involving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, electronic privacy and targeted advertising on the Internet.

Media/Entertainment Representation

Sedgwick has represented major media and entertainment entities in litigation regarding intellectual property issues, trademark and copyright infringement, right of publicity, and breach of contract actions. Our attorneys have acted as lead counsel at both the trial and appellate levels involving entertainment and media intellectual property issues, and also have experience managing the copyright and trademark portfolios of motion picture studios and record companies. We also have extensive experience in matters involving free expression and its counterpart, unlawful speech.

Trademark and Unfair Competition

We have extensive experience in handling all aspects of trademark protection before the courts, the Patent and Trademark Office, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Through that experience, we are able to provide our clients with practical insights on registering and maintaining their domestic and international portfolios and on using licensing and distribution agreements to achieve market penetration without compromising the integrity of their intellectual property rights. 

We help clients in all aspects of procuring, protecting and enforcing trademarks, including litigation, searches and investigations for trademark clearance, preparation of opinion letters, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, prosecution, defense and settlement of trademark proceedings, policing and monitoring the use of trademarks, and providing general trademark counseling. We manage the trademark portfolios for clients with significant intellectual property assets. We have successfully litigated numerous cases involving allegations of trademark infringement and related unfair competition claims, as well as claims of false or misleading advertising.


At Sedgwick, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, most cost-effective strategies and representations for patent disputes.  For high-stakes patent litigation matters, Sedgwick is able to leverage its considerable experience in both trial work and intellectual property to provide outstanding results in the courtroom. We have a track record of success at all stages in patent disputes, from early stage disputes regarding venue, to claim construction hearings, summary judgment proceedings, trials and appeals, as well as in mediations, arbitrations, and settlement negotiations.

Sedgwick’s capabilities extend across the entire range of patent disputes, from successfully handling bet-the-company patent fights to providing superior and efficient defense against claims brought by non-practicing and patent assertion entities.

We work with clients not only to win in court, but to understand their businesses and technologies, and we strive to find the most creative, efficient strategies to help our clients achieve their goals. While we are prepared to take every case to trial, we also understand that the substantial majority of patent lawsuits do not reach trial, and we work with clients to obtain a successful result as economically and as soon as possible, in and out of the courtroom.

Our litigation prowess also translates into more effective representation in transactional matters. We have experience negotiating and writing licenses and technology transfer agreements, and providing patent counseling such as due diligence studies for companies acquiring IP assets. Whatever your patent needs, Sedgwick is ready to work with you to achieve them.

Trade Secret

Sedgwick attorneys advise clients on methods of protecting valuable trade secret assets. We provide employment contracts and consulting arrangements that cover the maintenance of confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation aspects, and prepare licensing and assignment agreements for trade secret information. We also have extensive experience litigating high stakes trade secret disputes and obtaining injunctive and other equitable relief to immediately protect proprietary business information.